Comic Con PR

Comic Con PR

How exciting was this new adventure!!!!

On the last month of April we went to Puerto Rico to be part of ComicCon PR for the first time! Also was the first time in a year and a half since we have seen our family after we moved to FL. To be honest we were scared, happy and nervous because we didnt't know what to expect.

We were excited, we put the space together the day before the event started. On friday almost all of our mershandise of 3d printing, wood engraved designs, and various painted canvas were sold out the very first day!! how amazing was that??

On the fabric and resin booth all our Pokemon Pillows sold out the very first day!!! the whole weekend was very busy, meeting lots of new costumers and also having one our former managers of our previous job that came to see us and congratulated us for everything we have accomplish.

This is just the beggining of one of the most eventfull years we have had as a business, there will be more like this in the near future.

Stay tune.

Always Grateful,

Neysa & Jomar


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