Collection: 3D Prints

3D printed fidget toys made to help with anxiety and keep you occupied, 3d printed canvas art and 3d printed keychains all made with PLA biodegradable plastic.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The PLA we use is deemed safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable to medical standards. PLA is a plastic filament that may be used to create 3D objects when printed. PLA is a more delicate material than normal plastic, and if dropped on a hard surface, it can break. Please be mindful of the possibility of minor bits breaking off. 3D prints are NOT PERFECT; due to temperature changes and other factors outside our control, there may be some flaws in the print. If there are any obvious faults or non-functional components, we will not send it and will have to reprint it. With each print, we aim for excellence. - so please bear with our small business and allow us to do our best to develop your product! Thank you very much!*